March 10th - april 21st, 2018

exhibition images

Press release

Museum as Retail Space (MaRS) is pleased to present Blocked Out by Kristopher Raos. The exhibition shows large-scale painting-letterforms. 

Graphicalized Exhibition Notes by Robert Zin Stark: 

subsumed building and buildings
typography of graffiti-work evolving
forms of pedestrian communication
pragmatism is the city’s use of color
graphical / typographical propositions
reductive process towards construction
playing with subtraction in graffiti typography
inverse relationship of the building as canvas and graffiti as form  
the line isn’t separating two cinder blocks, it is joining them (connection rather than separation) 
a total reaction to what they are seeing as an object - they are “signs”
being anonymous is imperative in graffiti work - do not be too proud
the relative propositions are within the total object
subtle objectification of the picture frame
street art is a gentrified term for graffiti
obscure half-assed “problem solved”
disruption of the rectangle / frame
unintentional constructions 

selected works


Kristopher Raos | b. 1987 • California

Kristopher Raos' work is of a particular contemporaneity; He illustrates
his interest in precise techniques, focusing on large Scale paintings associated with a wide
array of media. Materials investigations- of forms, colors, textures, and their juxtapositions- are in
fact the basis of themed exploration generated from a childhood memory as well as
experiences of the urban landscapes in Los Angeles.