Lauren szold

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Lauren Szold | Born, New York, N.Y.
Works in Los Angeles, California
1981 Rhode Island School of Design BFA

Lauren Szold in the early 1990s introduced a highly original art form that is a flowing together of painting, sculpture, and environmental art. Her work is a salient of the immersive culture of Williamsburg at that time, and it anticipates the unbridled abstract painting that would take hold of Brooklyn in later decades.

A sprawling floor piece by Szold inaugurated the Test-Site gallery in 1992, and she was a main participant in the Flytrap event. Her work has been notably curated by Gavin Brown, Dan Cameron, Paula Hayes, Saul Ostrow, and Udo Kittleman as well as shown at institutes such as The New Museum of Contemporary Art, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Le Consortium, and 303 Gallery.