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People & Programing

Museum as Retail Space (MaRS) is an impossible parallax of neoliberal art world context with astrological cosmology in which time and relationships are circular.

The etymology of “exhibit” is from 15th century legal terminology, to display evidence for an argument. A contemporary art exhibition could be understood, to display evidence for an argument of existence.

MaRS’ programing focuses on immersive exhibitions of regional and international contemporary artists, scheduling six to seven shows annually. MaRS is placing an importance on solo shows to encourage gallery visitors to be subsumed by an artist’s respective aesthetic and conceptual arguments.

The gallery’s curatorial practice follows a consumer-constructivist model, positing that one creates meaning in our present society through consumptive participation, intended to empower collectors and future collectors as being intrinsic to the canonization of art. This is a synthetical curatorial practice to founding MoMA director Alfred Barr’s belief in pedagogy for “the educated consumer” and collective spectatorship promoted by El Lissitzky and other founders of the Bauhaus.

Director and Owner • Robert Zin Stark

Thank you…
…to the many artists, thinkers, viewers, and lovers.

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